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The IP explosion: the expanding universe of subsidiary rights opportunities for indie publishers, with guest Ethan Ellenberg

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The number of ways you can “slice and dice” the world of subsidiary rights is increasing as new markets and digital opportunities unfold. Literary agent Ethan Ellenberg discusses some of these opportunities for your intellectual properties and, importantly, how to track them once they’re sold.

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Article: "Intellectual Property: The Big Picture for Authors"

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The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency


Ethan Ellenberg opened his literary agency in late 1984 after holding jobs at both Bantam and Berkley/Jove. At Berkley/Jove he was manager of the Contracts Department. At Bantam he was Associate Contracts Manager. He represents a wide range of book authors, though his specialty is commercial fiction. He is very active in Romance publishing with a number of New York Times Bestselling authors represented. He also does some non-fiction and has a strong children’s list including the Caldecott winner Eric Rohmann.

He is an acknowledged expert on the practical aspects of publishing including the publishing agreement and royalty accounting, and a long time industry observer and author advocate. His opinion and educational pieces have appeared in the newsletter of Novelists, Inc., the Romance Writer’s Report, and a number of F&W guides to publishing.

Peter Goodman (host) is publisher of Stone Bridge Press in Berkeley, California. He began his publishing career in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. A longtime member of IBPA, he has served on the IBPA board and as IBPA board chair.

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