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The CASE Act, small claims for writers and publishers, with guests Mary Rasenberger and Cheryl Davis of the Authors Guild

Episode Summary

New legislation in Congress will provide an affordable, efficient, and fair way for rightsholders to file copyright claims against infringers. We talk with the Authors Guild about the CASE Act and what it means for you and the ongoing fight against IP theft.

Episode Notes

Topics include:


IBPA statement on passage of the CASE Act (with graphic)

The CASE Act explained\_Act

Senate draft of the CASE Act

The Authors Guild



Mary Rasenberger is the Executive Director of the Authors Guild and Authors Guild Foundation. Prior to joining the Guild in November 2014, Mary practiced law for over 25 years in roles that spanned private practice, the government and corporate sector, as a recognized expert in copyright and media law. She is a frequent speaker, lecturer and writer on copyright law and authors’ rights.

Cheryl L. Davis is General Counsel of the Author's Guild, where she oversees the organization’s legal affairs, including its in-house corporate affairs, its government relations and policy initiatives, and its legal services program. In addition, she is responsible for developing a wide variety of the organization’s written positions, policies, statements, submissions to government agencies, and legal briefs, as well as participating in domestic and international public speaking engagements and conferences.

Peter Goodman (host) is publisher of Stone Bridge Press in Berkeley, California. He began his publishing career in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. A longtime member of IBPA, he has served on the IBPA board and as IBPA board chair.

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